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Brookside Hall is a university residence of the highest standards. If you want to make the most out of your university years, not only in terms of your studies but also in terms of your personal development, you should consider applying to Brookside Hall.


Brookside Hall is situated at 167A Brooks St, Brooklyn, Pretoria.

Brookside Hall residents and day students have access to the following common areas:

  • 2 quiet study rooms;

  • Multi-purpose sports court (Tennis, Basketball, Football);

  • Swimming pool;

  • Living room;

  • Prayer room.

In addition, Brookside Hall residents have access to the rest of the residence – including the dining room and three common bathrooms – and have their own single bedroom.


Brookside Hall offers each of its residents:

  • A fully furnished single bedroom;

  • 4 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, tea snack, dinner);

  • Weekly laundry services;

  • Daily cleaning of bedrooms and common areas;

  • Uncapped fibre WiFi;

  • Access to all of Brookside Hall’s facilities;

  • Full back-up power during load shedding and power outages.


The boarding fees for the 2023 Academic Year are

R105 000/year including VAT.


These fees are fully inclusive of the services Brookside Hall offers its residents.

  • Payment Option 1 -        One upfront lump-sum payment at the beginning of the year: R99 750 including VAT (5% discount)

  • Payment Option 2 -          Two upfront lump-sum payments at the beginning of each semester: R102 375 including VAT (2.5% discount) in 2 instalments of R51 187.50 each

  • Payment Options 3 - Upfront monthly payments over 10 months: R105 000 including VAT in 10 instalments of R10 500 each


To apply for accommodation at Brookside Hall, please fill our online application form

If your application is successful, we will call you in for an interview.

Partial bursaries may be available based on academic merit.


Please contact us for more information.

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The House

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Brookside Grounds

Brookside Chapel

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