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If you want to make the most out of your university years, in terms of your studies, personal development and friendships, you have found a home at Brookside Hall.

Brookside Hall is a springboard for your academic and professional success and for your personal development, but it is also a family. Here we care about you. We respect your freedom and we help you to balance all the different aspects of your life as a student.

If you are an ambitious student in terms of academic results and your professional future, if you are hard-working, if you want to make many friends during your university career and if you want to be surrounded by people who care about you as a person, then Brookside Hall is for you.


The activities that we organise at Brookside Hall are aimed at completing university students’ academic education by giving them formation in the areas of cultural, professional, human and spiritual development. Students can freely choose to participate in a number of activities.

A Word From 
Prof. Alex

Brookside Hall is not just a university residence and cultural centre for men. We offer much more.

We pride ourselves especially of two distinguishing characteristics of our offer:

Personal approach: at Brookside Hall we give importance to each individual student, having in mind his freedom and dignity as a human being;

Comprehensive formation: we believe that the university education that each student is receiving is only a small part of his development; therefore, we strive to complement this with activities in the areas of cultural, professional, human and spiritual development.


House Leaders


Alex Bignotti

Associate Professor at the University of Pretoria


Joaquin Gomez Blanes

Supervisor of Consulate Services at Embassy of Spain


Fidel Namisi

Screenwriter, Novelist and Television Producer


Jeronimo Bento

House Leader


Fr Manuel Graça

Resident Chaplain

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